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Feeling well support using assistive aids and technology

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Assistive technology can assist an individual to monitor his or her health at home and then share their health data electronically with medical professionals at their hospital. There is a range of telehealth monitoring devices to monitor heart conditions, diabetes, etc.

Simpler forms of assistive technology include 'apps' for mobile phones; for example, to record and analyse food intake for people on special diets, or to provide prompts and advice for people with memory problems.


Telecare systems supply a 24/7 response for clients in need of help. They supply a service of support and advice by using a remote monitor. When in need of help, the client can trigger an alarm from a pendant around their neck or a device placed near their phone to inform someone based at the call centre that they are in need of help. 


Automatic Pill Dispenser

Timed pill doses are automatically dispensed. 

Review - Mrs R was assessed after a referral from her social worker. She had received a brain injury which had left her with memory loss and epilepsy. Her quality of life had declined because her husband  worked away, which meant she was forgetting to take doses of her medication and had to rely on her children to remind her to take her tablets. Because she was forgetting her medication, she was suffering more epileptic seizures which made her feel very self-conscious and not want to go out unaccompanied. After using the pill dispenser for a couple of weeks, she was very happy with it and she was taking her medication much more reliably. This meant her seizures were now improving, giving her much more self-confidence, improving her quality of life and giving her husband peace of mind whilst away. 


Happy legs

Seated walking machine. 


Talking bathroom scales

Talking bathroom scales    Keeping on top of our weight is important. For those not able to easily view the small displays of many bathroom scales, talking scales may be the answer.   RNIB 


First Aid App

Help is available from St John Ambulance. 


First Aid App

Help is available from British Red Cross. 


Posture support products

Back support cushions: back cushions including lumbar rolls and wedges for back support whilst travelling, at home or to improve a non-ergonomic chair at work.  


Sensory balls

A pack of five tactile balls that can be used to improve dexterity and to help combat restless hands. 


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