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Leisure support using assistive aids and technology

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Making time for leisure - hobbies and activities which you find fun - is an essential part of life and sometimes you might discover a hobby you never knew you were good at. Smartphones and tablet devices have the ability to download a wealth of fun. There are also apps that provide information about events or interests in your local area.

English Heritage App

Find the perfect place to visit in England. Visit a castle, a historic house or an English garden and more. 


National Trust App

Fancy a day out and wondering where to go? Want to visit glorious coastline, wander through wild countryside, relax in exquisite gardens or explore historic houses?  Find a National Trust place near you, wherever you are in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  


Tayasui Sketches

Sketches is a magical, responsive canvas perfect for getting down ideas, illustrations, watercolour painting - anything your creative mind can imagine.  



Paint without the mess and expense! Explore a packed toolbox of intuitive, natural painting tools like oils and watercolours that let you experiment with colour blends and textures on a realistic canvas. ArtRage places the tools of a real art studio at your fingertips.  


OTTLite Bookstand with LED Light

A bookstand that also gives a bright focused light onto a book. Adjustable, it will fit most books and can be used with a book, letter or recipes when reading. The stand is lightweight and can be moved from room to room.  


Large print keyboard

If you enjoy surfing the web, playing computer games or word processing, then a large print keyboard may help you to continue enjoying these, by making PC or Apple Mac keyboards easier to read and use.   


Easy news

The first newspaper designed to be accessible for people with learning disabilities. Available in print and online.  


Free movies

Watch and reminisce on old movies.  


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