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Memory support using assistive aids and technology

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Memory loss can make day-to-day life more difficult. Simple situations like mislaying keys or forgetting the date, or more risky scenarios like forgetting to take medication, can prove frustrating and dangerous. Using prompts and reminders, assistive technology can promote independence and autonomy for anyone suffering with memory loss, and it can help to manage potential risks in and around the home.

SmartFinder Locator

A lost item locator that can be used around the home on a daily basis to help locate up to four items of your choice keys, glasses case, wallet and remote control.  When one of the four buttons is pressed on the remote control transmitter, a radio signal is sent to the corresponding colour coded locater tag and an alarm is sounded to pinpoint the lost item.  Each alarm also has a unique sound to help distinguish the items. The SmartFinder comes with four self-adhesive pads for items such as a TV remote.  There is a sucker-hook that can be used to hang the main wireless transmitter in a convenient place. 

  • Phone: 024 7601 6414   

Review - "My family gave me an object finder. Now I do not have to look through the house ten times to see where I last placed my keys. The object finder I recommend to anyone who forgets where they put things. What I like best about these products is the way that simplicity and good sense work together." Claus.



This is an app for iPhone that allows the user to create a sequential story with photos/images. Words and sounds can be added, and the guides can be shared with other Pictello users. 


Alarm reminder

Four alarm vibrating pocket pill box. 


Medication prompt

Helps people to remember when to take their medication.


Echo Bot

Record your message and, when someone moves in front of the sensor, the recorded message is played. It can record over and over again. 


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