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Relaxation support using assistive aids and technology

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There are many ways in which assistive technology can help you to relax, depending on whether you enjoy the quiet contemplation of a sensory app or hand-held massage, or relaxing by watching your favourite television programmes or films on TV.


There are a variety of different types of radio available in the market place today, from basic radios that feature FM, LW, MW to radios that have DAB+ and Wi-Fi. They can also feature large screens for easy reading, touch screens and large knobs for tuning the dial. Radio has evolved over the years so you now have more of a choice of stations, music and content. For example, with a radio that has Wi-Fi with an internet connection, you can receive any type of radio you want from all over the world covering every genre: music from the 1900's upwards, through to modern day, religious, talk, comedy and country etc. Nowadays, radio can carry data that gives you information about what you are listening to. Some radios also have auxiliary connections so you can connect your iPad to it to enjoy more volume and enjoy what you want to listen to.

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Talking Photo Album

Great for prompting memories! A 20-page talking photo album for bringing your photos to life by adding personalised messages to each. Each of the 'pages' will hold a single 5x7" photo and the front cover holds a standard 6x4" photo. You can easily record the messages with the built-in microphone which includes a PLAY/STOP button.

Review - "My wife and I were shown the photograph album and were surprised that there was something like this on the market. The album is easy to use and the instructions are very easy to read. We have started to insert all the photographs of our family and we wish there were more pages. We both feel this is a good idea to use as a memory box for our family to look through. It is a positive piece of equipment for patients to use."



Can be used by the individual to massage either back, arms or legs. Various models can be found on


Calming Down

An app for anxiety.



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