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The milkman has been an essential part of British life for generations, and with Milk & More online you'll discover how quickly we'll become an essential part of your life, too.

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Telephone number: 0345 606 3606

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Search for groceries and order online

Our delivery drivers will always try to help people who need extra help getting their shopping into their home. 

If you need any help ordering groceries from Milk & More please view our Customer Service and Help pages. 

  • We deliver to your doorstep first thing in the morning, so you have everything you need in time for breakfast.
  • Place your order before 9pm and we can deliver to your door by 7am on your next delivery day.
  • Our doorstep deliveries are simple and convenient, so you're never left waiting around for your order to arrive.

At Milk & More, we are passionate about encouraging people to eat well and live sustainably. We do this by championing smaller suppliers who we trust to provide the very best products for us to deliver to your doorstep. We now conveniently deliver over 200 exceptional products - ordered via our website and app - to doorsteps around the country before 7am.

Our mission is to deliver a positive impact on local communities, the environment and ultimately you.

Deeply rooted as a British icon, we strive to continue both the milkman legacy and its expansion. Milk & More is your same friendly local milkman but now you can manage your regular milk deliveries online.

And it's not just milk that we can deliver. Our milkmen have a huge range of daily essentials such as fresh bread, eggs, lacto-free milk alternatives, bacon, juice and even compost, all with free delivery to your door up to 6 days a week! 

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