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Oakhouse Foods

All of our dishes are chosen for their quality and taste, and are flash frozen to lock in goodness and flavour. With a choice of over 400 frozen meals, there is really something for everyone, no matter your appetite, dietary needs or preferences. 

Contacts details

Address:Unit 7
Orchard Court
Heron Road
Telephone number: 0333 370 6700

Online shopping services

Search for groceries and order online

Our delivery drivers will always try to help people who need extra help getting their shopping into their home. 

If you need any help ordering groceries from Oakhouse Foods please view our customer service and help pages. 

Oakhouse Foods offer a phone ordering service, in addition to ordering online. Please call 0333 370 6700.

Our huge choice of dishes means you can enjoy great tasting ready meals at home without all the hard work - just take your pick from over 400 delicious recipes and we'll deliver straight to your door from one of our local branches.

We even make sure the majority of our meals can be cooked in the microwave and oven, to create easy mealtimes for you.

We started as Home Farm Foods in 1994, and from the very beginning, our mission was to create delicious, nutritious frozen meals that were quick and easy to enjoy at home. From our home in Wiltshire, we have come a long way in 25 years, yet our core value to help make your mealtimes easier remains the same.

Why choose us

  • Free delivery on orders over £30 
  • Local friendly delivery drivers
  • Over 400 meals to choose from
Based: Devon
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+

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