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How to decide if a care home is right for you

Things to consider before choosing a care home

  • where it is (location) - for example, do you want to be near your family or local shops?
  • how much it costs
  • whether they offer the right services or activities you need
  • how visiting and leaving the care home works - for example, do you want to be able to go out on your own or with staff assistance?

Signs of a good care home include:

  • staff and managers with the right time, skills and experience to do their jobs
  • clean buildings, rooms and bathrooms
  • a wide range of activities for residents at home and outside
  • good quality food choices and options about where to eat meals
  • fast and easy access to health professionals, such as GPs and dentists
  • the care home makes sure any cultural, religious or lifestyle needs are met
  • feedback from residents is asked for and used to improve care

How to research a care home

To get more information about a care home you could:

  • phone them
  • visit their website
  • request a brochure
  • visit the care home
  • request a temporary stay

Care and residential homes in Plymouth

Nursing homes in Plymouth

There are also organisations that inspect care homes to see how well they are doing. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates all health and adult social care in England.

You might see a CQC inspection rating when you visit a care home or search online. Their 4 ratings are:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires improvement
  • Inadequate

Search the CQC website and view Plymouth reports

How to plan your move into a care home

Before you move, it may help to:

  • ask family or friends to help you move and settle you in
  • contact the benefits office, if you have one (including disability benefits, as these can be affected by care home stays)
  • make sure other services at your old address have been told you're moving
  • let friends and family know your new address and when you might feel up to receiving visitors
  • let the care home know about any health problems or disabilities you have

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