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Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice is a way of looking for council and housing association homes. Choose homes the right home for you or move to another location in Devon.

Contacts details

Address:71 New George Street
Telephone number: 01752 305496
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How to apply

Anyone over 16 years old can register with Devon Home Choice via

How to register

The easiest way to register with Devon Home Choice is by completing the online application form.

It should take about 30 minutes to complete the online form. Please ensure that you make a note of your unique login reference number, password and memorable date.

For your application to be processed and accepted, you need to:

  • Complete the application form fully, ensuring you answer all of the mandatory questions. These are marked with a *
  • Provide any extra information requested on the application form or by the local housing team in the area of Devon where you would like to live once they have received your application

We aim to provide confirmation of your Devon Home Choice application within 20 working days of you providing all of the required information.

When your application to the Devon Home Choice is accepted we will write to you to confirm:

  • What band your application has been placed in, and the reason for this
  • Your band start date
  • The size of home that you are eligible to bid for
  • Whether you need a certain type, or an adapted, home because of your mobility needs
  • Whether you need older persons housing

How we prioritise applications

Your application will be placed into 1 of 5 housing need bands. This will be based on our assessment of your housing need, and whether or not you have a local connection to Devon.

  • Band A - Emergency Housing Need
  • Band B: High Housing Need
  • Band C: Medium Housing Need
  • Band D: Low Housing Need
  • Band E: No Housing Need

How homes are advertised

Council and housing association homes available to let are advertised each week on

The adverts

The adverts tell you the landlord, location, size, rent and other features of the home.

The advert also tells you if there are any special requirements that the applicant must meet. For example any minimum age if it is older persons accommodation, or whether a local connection to a particular area in Devon is required.

Where homes have been adapted, adverts will make clear that priority will be given to applicants who have a mobility need or disability.

How to bid for homes

You can tell us which homes you would like to be considered for. This is called bidding.

Bidding does not mean that you will part with any money. You can only bid for homes if your application has been accepted onto the Devon Home Choice register. You can only bid for homes where you match what the advert asks for. For example, if the advert states the home has 1 bedroom, you will not be able to bid for it if you need more than 1 bedroom.

All bidding should be done on or in person at a Council office.

What size of home you can bid for

You are only able to bid for homes that match your household needs. For example, if you only need 2 bedrooms you will not usually be able to bid for 3 or 4 bedroom homes.

How the successful applicant is selected

At the end of each weekly advertising cycle, a list of eligible bids for each advertised home will be produced. The list will order applicants by:

  • The band that their application has been placed in
  • How long they have been waiting

At the end of each week's advertising cycle you can find out your position on the list of people who have bid for a home. 

Once the advertising cycle has ended the landlord of the home will then carry out a number of checks on the top applicant. This may include checking:

  • Your circumstances have not changed from the information we hold for you
  • Your rent payments are up to date
  • Any anti-social behaviour
  • Medical history
  • Whether you match any requirements for the property (e.g. whether you have a local connection to the local area or whether you have a need for a home that has been adapted)

If you are at the top of the list you will normally be invited to view the home unless the landlord discovers reasons why you shouldn't be offered the home. For example, if you have rent arrears or have been guilty of anti-social behaviour. If the landlord is unable to offer the home to you they will move to the next applicant on the list and so on.

Please contact the landlord of the property if you have any queries about the shortlisting for a home.

When the home is ready you will be contacted to arrange to sign the tenancy agreement and collect the keys.

Based: Devon
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+

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