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If you are a parent of a disabled child aged under 18, your child can be assessed by the local authority under law relating to the needs of children in the Children and Families Act 2014.

You will also be assessed as part of that process because social services will look at the needs of the family as a whole. This is often referred to as a "holistic" assessment.

The assessment will take into account detailed information about your family, including:

  • the family’s background and culture 
  • your own views and preferences 
  • the needs of any other children you have

The assessment is not a test of your parenting skills, but should be a sensitive look at any difficulties the family has as a whole, with a view to considering what support or services are needed.

A care plan will be drawn up that would include services to benefit both you and your disabled child. For example, there could be adaptations to the home, help with bathing or regular respite breaks to ensure you get the rest you need.

You could also choose to have a direct payment so that you can buy in your own services for your child.

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You can also see more detailed information in the Care Act Factsheets. These provide an overview, and describe the duties and powers of councils to carry out the changes. 

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