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Training and skills for employment

We strongly believe that all young people in Plymouth, regardless of your ability or background, should achieve your full potential.

We are determined that you should have equal access to excellent education and choice, as well as being safe, healthy, happy and resilient when learning in Plymouth.

A good place to start planning your post 16 options is to think of these three questions.

  1. Where am I now? (What qualifications, skills, and interests do I have?)
  2. Where do I want to get to? (What would I like to be doing in 5 years time – job, house, children?)
  3. How will I get there? (What course or training is likely to get you where you want to go?)

Of course, at 16, young people don't necessarily know the answer to all these questions, but now is the time to start exploring information about careers, jobs and courses.

If you really aren't sure about what you want to do in the future then do a range of subjects, so that you can decide later.

If you would like advice and information on the right course for you please visit the following websites

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