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Sara Bristow-Bone

  • Female
  • Speaks: English
  • Has: Full Driving License
Personal statement

Considerable experience in customer care and service, with a mature and accommodating attitude. Flexibility in work, willingness to learn and take on work based training, seeking to excel in my duties. Ability to take instruction and fulfil any mandatory protocols required throughout working day. Working well alone but just as well in a team, seeking to excel in everyday tasks. Taking great pride in a high level of customer service always with a pleasant and happy attitude, with those I work with and for. 

  • Competent to work in high stress environments efficiently and effectively with a positive outlook.
  • Practical, diligent, with quick thinking, and problem solving attitude.
  • Work with children, vulnerable adults and the elderly with care, experience and a tactile professional manner.
  • Ability to be diverse in skills and adapt to changing work environments.
  • Excellent communication skills, taking on tasks and dealing with concerns as per work protocols.

About the PA

The PA has...
Full Driving License
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Education & Employment


01/02/2017 -
Employer Name:
Homelife Carers
Job Description:
Enabling and assisting clients at home. Duties include personal care, light housework, assisting with medication, preparation of meals.

Ensuring the clients needs are being met and reporting any issues or changes to the office, family or community health services. Documentation of every visit, With notes on changes in health or mood. Documenting medication given.

Documenting any body injuries on the care plan as per protocol.
01/01/2011 -
Employer Name:
Theatre Royal Plymouth
Job Description:
Technical Theatre Dresser (Casual part-time)

Backstage theatre, working with the wardrobe department and touring companies.

Preparing and maintaining production wardrobe, assisting performers before, during and post performance. Liaising and working with the wardrobe mistress and crew. Attend to jobs as directed efficiently and with skill. Care and welfare of children backstage. Adhere to all theatre protocols and regulations. Attend regular training and updates.
01/01/2002 - 01/01/2010
Employer Name:
Plymouth Hospitals Trust
Job Description:
Nursing Auxiliary Theatres and Emergency Department

Specialist Nursing auxiliary within the NHS. Working in Obstetric and Gynaecology Theatres and Maternity wards and Emergency Department. Care and welfare of mother and baby. Assisting midwives and all nursing and medical staff as required. Undertaking all necessary training and documenting training progress and remits. Cleaning duties of ward, equipment and clinical areas. Monitoring of patients and documenting all procedures. Taking of bloods and cannulating patients. Taking ECG's and regular and neurological observations. Attending to minor wounds, cleaning, gluing and or applying paper stitches. Plastering checking broken bones in the ED clinic, Attending all NHS training, updates and skill based requirements as and when needed.
01/01/1999 - 01/01/2002
Employer Name:
Steiner Transocean Limited
Job Description:
On-board Massage Therapist for luxury cruise lines

Working in luxury spa's on-board leading cruise liners. Taking care of salon areas and treatment rooms. Booking passengers in for treatments in the spa and hair salon. Conducting Elemis Therapy treatments throughout working day. Stock check and audit of stock. Attending Ship safety training, complying with weekly boat drill for passengers and crew. Adhering to all rules and regulations set on ship and in port. Understanding laws in countries docking in and abiding to those laws as per ship regulation. Answering to the Captain of the ship and Spa Manager.
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