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Stephen Ryder

  • Male
  • Can help with: Personal Care
  • Has: Use of own transport; Full Driving License
Personal statement

I am 55 years of age, I am married with two grown up children so I have brought up my family jointly wife my wife of thirty plus years. Being a parent teaches you a lot, seeing and experiencing your children (one boy and one girl) from babies to adults; my son was diagnosed with malignant cancer at 13 months of age. He was 10 years old; this taught me a lot about the care and treatment he received. 

Unfortunately, over the past few years, I have lost three people who were close to me from cancer. I used to help and support them through their terminal illness. Two of which I supported as per below: 

  • By taking them out, without and with a wheel chair.
  • Spending time and caring for them throughout stages his terminal cancer, until they were hospitalised and entered a Hospice.
  • This again taught me a lot; life is precious even if you are disabled, physically or mentally limited, or terminally ill. People still need to enjoy or live their life as they desire to the best of their abilities, by achieving this should help them cope or even temporarily reduce the pressure/ worry of their ailments. Hopefully a successful carer will assist and help the client to achieve this, as well as enabling the client to trust and have confidence in their carer.
  • I have had considerable experience spending time with children and youths, as a parent I have had hands on experience coping with my children from babies to adults. I have also cared and looked after nieces and nephews through the same age range. I have also coached and cared for a young table tennis team, including supervising them on evening and away events.
  • I also have considerable experience in looking after the elderly, as well as visiting and carrying out tasks for elderly but relatively independent people. 

Personally I like to meet people, I am quite a social, light-hearted and friendly person who also likes a laugh or two. I have been through some medically challenging situations (life changing accidents and forty plus years as an insulin dependent diabetic). I believe I have gained substantial life skills and learnt to respect people enough to understand their needs, wants and interests, by maintaining a good two way (and third party) communication which should improve and maintain a client’s understanding and needs. 

I’d really like to give this opportunity a go, and I like to succeed, not wholly for myself but if I can make a difference to the people I meet and care for, that can only be rewarding and beneficial. I also understand this will be challenging and at times I may leave a client without any change, but I know I would done my very best to leave my client satisfied, comfortable and safe. 

I have spent time in a wheel chair and through this experienced I found out how limiting and frustrating this situation can be:

  • To be house/room bound
  • Not be able to do what you really want
  • To be dependent on others; even for your basic needs
  • To develop / manage your own patience.

This period of my life really made me grateful for any assistance, I received; despite trying to be independent, there is always a need of others no matter how well your surroundings have been adapted to ease your situation. 

I’d like to give that assistance and support and to try and make a difference to clients.

About the PA

The PA has...
Use of own transport; Full Driving License
Contact Information
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I am willing to take on part-time employment potentially up to 30 hours over seven days; preferably working alternate weekends.

I am willing to work varied hours over varied days.

Education & Employment


01/03/2003 - 01/07/2015
Employer Name:
Viridor Waste Management Ltd - Regional Environmental Manager
Job Description:
- Managing a team of Environmental Technicians
- Ensuring all SW sites complied with their Environmental Permits (LFG specifically)
- Practise environmental control & ensure generation makes budget.
- Many General Management needs, such as ensuring well being of staff by means of Risk Assessment & Safe Operating Procedures. Health & Safety. Training. Staff Moral. As well as satisfying company targets.
- Liaising with the Environmental Agency & submitting regulatory data & commentary etc.

Salary / Other information

Experience working with:
Mental Health Issues; Older People; Sensory Impairment; Physical Disability; Learning Disability
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