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Foster Care Associates

We’ve been here for a while now but we’ve never lost sight of what’s important; our values and our passion for helping children to reach their potential. We’re proud of our high quality foster care and we put the needs of children and young people at the centre of everything we do.

People matter to us. That’s why we celebrate diversity and believe we can all achieve more by working together and building stronger communities.

Why choose Foster Care Associates

Care isn’t the same everywhere. If you are going to foster a child you don’t do it by half measures or take any risks. The future of that young person is too important.

Set up by a former foster carer and former social worker over 20 years ago, Foster Care Associates has grown to become the largest independent fostering agency in the UK. We continue to be owned by our founders and inspired by their vision to invest in and nurture high standards in foster care. Choose to foster with us and you’ll receive an extensive local support network, excellent training, 24/7 advice and a rewarding new career.

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Who to contact

01527 810319

Where to go

Foster Care Associates, Unit 2, 41
Estover Close


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