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Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery in Plympton is located within the Langage Business Park. We are extremely proud to be judged an ‘OUTSTANDING’ nursery for the second time running and it’s not hard to see why. We are committed to offering quality childcare, through stimulating environments, with passionate & dedicated staff in order to provide our children with the tools to question, explore, investigate, learn and play.

A little bit about us:

  • State-of-the-art sensory room giving children the chance to explore new technology and promote investigation at all ages with bubble tubes and fibre optics.
  • Eight fantastic age specific play rooms with lots of resources such as sand & water, art & craft, bookcases stacked high, sensory items for children to explore. All resources are age appropriate and encourages learning through play.
  • We provide wholesome food each day prepared on site by our nursery chef with our range of menus being checked by a qualified nutritionist.
  • We offer a safe and secure environment with top marks in our environmental health audit.
  • We are Sing and Sign affiliated; a communication programme in particular for babies and we also offer a range of all-inclusive activities such as music & movement, yoga which are all free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you and your little one very soon!

Extra activities

As well as providing all the activities you would expect from a top-quality childcare provider, Kiddi Caru also offers all inclusive activities such as yoga, French, music & movement and Sing & Sign.

We believe these activities are simply part of our quality brand and should be enjoyed by all children – therefore these programmes are provided at no extra cost.

Read the latest Ofsted report for Kiddi Caru

Who to contact

01752 330469

Where to go

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery
Ashleigh Way

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

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Children who require additional support, have a disability or have greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others, will have their learning and development overseen by the nursery special educational needs and disability (SEND) co-ordinator and the key carer, in partnership with the parents.  Contact with your key carer and the SEND co-ordinator, who both work full-time, will ensure that communication is regular and thorough.

All children regardless of their stage of development are welcome at Kiddi Caru. Each child has the opportunity to be involved in all planned activities with as much support as needed. Toys are stored at the right height for children to be able to choose what they would like to play with and children are encouraged to be independent and to have the confidence to make decisions.

Each child’s care is individual and we adapt our practice to meet each child’s needs. If further training is required for the staff we are able to access and arrange this. We have a wide range of resources in the nursery to support children with individual needs and are able to access specific equipment if needed.

Each child has their own learning map which identifies specific targets that we as a nursery in partnership with parents and other professionals are working towards.  Depending on the needs of each child we can provide information for parents about the Early Years Foundation Stage and next steps in learning.

Our strict medicine policy ensures that only senior member of staff administering medication. In the past we have received training to ensure that children are receiving any specific medication correctly.  All children with any long-term health conditions will have a care plan which documents the condition and identifies any treatment and specific care that is required. This is reviewed every three months at a minimum. 

Children’s safety and wellbeing is paramount in the nursery and this can be seen through the positive relationships we have with the families that attend and the partnership that children have with their keycarers. Children’s personal, social and emotional development is a prime area that we focus on and observe. We understand that each child takes their own time to grow and develop and each little step is a big achievement. Children are encouraged to make relationships and friendships with others, to manage their feelings and behaviour and to be aware of themselves and others’ feelings. 

Each child’s views and opinions are listened to each day and this has an impact on what activities we provide and where the children can go and play. Staff understand the importance of children having a routine and the balance of making their own decisions.

Being an established nursery with over ten years  experience supporting families in the local area we are confident that we are able to support all children regardless of their individual need. All of our staff are qualified to a minimum of level three up to degree level, we also have an Early Years Professional who has had specific SEND training. The SEND co-ordinator has a good relationship with the area SEN co-ordinator from the Local Authority who can provide further support and guidance on training if needed. We also have had involvement from other professionals such as speech and language therapists, specific health specialists and with social care services who have supported the nursery staff and the family for children with a wide range of specific needs.

Training over the last few years has included specific training for children with autism and social communication difficulties and a wide range of training for children with speech and language difficulties. Over time we have also gathered specific resources and information for both staff and parents to provide guidance for the future.

Before any child is registered at the setting we provide a show around where a senior member of staff will show the family around the nursery.  During this time we will be able to answer any questions that the family may have in reference to how we can provide any additional or specific support for their child. After this meeting if the family choose to register their child here, we will provide a number of settling-in visits; the first visit will include the parents staying and meeting the key staff carers in the room and if needed this will also include a meeting with the SEND co-ordinator to complete any necessary care plans and to get a thorough understanding of the child’s individual requirements.

During any transitions in the nursery parents and children are both informed that the child will be moving to another room. They are taken to see the new room and to meet the new staff and a number of small visits are arranged to help the child settle in.  Preparation for school is also planned in the terms before any child leaves us. This is achieved through a number of organised activities to prepare children for the transition, visits from local reception teachers and if needed a school entry planning meeting where specific information will be shared with the staff at the school with reference to any medical or developmental needs. Parents are kept informed and involved at all stages.

The decision making process with reference to the support a child needs and would receive from us is decided through a meeting with the SEND co-ordinator, parents and any other professionals that may be involved with the family. From this a care plan and if needed an action plan will be completed and each step of support will be identified and put in place. Through daily contact with your child’s keycarer and an ongoing process of review will start and if changes are needed they will be implemented.

Your child’s keycarer will be your first point of contact if you would like to discuss anything about your child. The nursery SEND co-ordinator is also available to discuss any concerns or any feedback you may have. Children’s care and development is a team effort at Kiddi Caru and you will see when you join us that all members of the team who have contact with your child will have good knowledge of the additional care that is needed and the achievements that they are making.

If you are worried about putting your child into a nursery, have some questions or are considering bringing your child to Kiddi Caru, please do not hesitate to contact us to either have a chat or to book a time to come and have a look around or a meeting. 

Contact Telephone
01752 330469
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