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RNIB Reading Libraries

Reading is important to all of us. If you’re struggling to read because of your sight, we’ve got plenty of solutions to help, whatever your tastes and reading preferences.

How we can help

  • RNIB Library - the largest of its kind in the UK, and it's completely free with over 60,000 items in the collection. This website is your gateway to the entire collection in one place; Audio, Braille, Giant Print, Music – there is so much to access, borrow and enjoy.
  • Books - our Talking Books service is absolutely free. Giving you access to over 25,000 titles that you can read to your hearts content.
  • Newsagent - we know how important it is to read newspapers, magazines, periodicals and other sources of information, so we aim to ensure these reading materials continue to be available to those who want them, if standard print becomes inaccessible.
  • Music - RNIB Library holds one of the largest collections of accessible format music outside of the USA. 

For more information about the RNIB Library, and how we can help you, please view our website and contact us.

Who to contact

0303 123 9999

Where to go

Royal National Institute For The Blind, 105
Judd Street


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