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Ridgecott - Care Home

Ridgecott is a residential service to support the specific needs of people with autism to enable each individual to reach their fullest potential within a safe, structured, stimulating environment.

Our approach to support

We understand that individuals have varying levels of autism. At Ridgecott, all individuals are all supported by an experienced staff who have a good understanding and empathy of the needs of people with autism and related conditions who enable their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs to be met.

Each person has a Person Centred Plan, which they help design and each plan is specifically designed to reflect their personal needs and choices. Each person is assigned a key worker who ensures a holistic approach to their support.

What it’s like to live here

We encourage individuals to develop feelings of security and to form relationships with others in the immediate and the extended community. We also actively encourage involvement of family members to further support each person we assist, and seek to involve them in discussions concerning their welfare.

Everyone we support is encouraged through their Person Centred Plans to achieve their goals and aspirations. For some people this means attending college to access various courses, including cooking, art and daily living skills. For others it means work placements and other day opportunities in line with their goals.

It is our aim to assist each person in the development of skills that will enable their full participation in the life of the immediate and wider community and live the life they want to.

Ridgecott is situated in the small Devon community of Plympton close to local shops and located on a main route. Plympton is on the outskirts of Plymouth and is easily accessed via the A38 from Exeter, and the A386 from Tavistock.


The house provides accommodation to ten adults with autism or learning disabilities and has facilities enabling us to offer support for individuals who also have a physical disability.

Internally the house offers homely and cosy accommodation arranged on two floors with adequate bathroom and toilet facilities. The house is surrounded by decking and garden areas for people to enjoy.


There are several different ways in which a Craegmoor service can be funded:

Local Authority funding

This is where the Local Authority (typically the local Council) agrees an amount to fully fund a person’s support, whether it is in a residential placement or as part of a supported living package.

The funding package is agreed following an assessment of the person’s needs and covers both accommodation and support.

Joint funding between the Local Authority and NHS

This is where an individual has a Continuing Health Care (CHC) assessment. In this instance funding will be split between the local authority and the NHS.

The funding package is agreed following joint assessments of the person’s needs and health care needs. The local authority element of the funding will cover both accommodation and support, the NHS assessment will cover the continuing health care needs.

NHS Funding

It is possible that an individual’s health needs are such that the NHS will fully fund a person’s support package.

The funding package is agreed following an assessment of the person’s needs and covers both accommodation and support.

Individual/Personal Budget

This is where the Local Authority allocates a specific amount of money for a person’s support needs. The amount is determined by an assessment of the person’s needs and means. You will also need to agree a support plan to show how and where the money will be spent, whether you decide for the Local Authority to choose services for you or if you prefer to have direct control of the budget yourself – e.g. a direct payment.

Direct Payments

This is where you receive an amount directly from the Local Authority and can choose how to spend the money on your support. Choosing a direct payment gives you maximum flexibility with your support package but does mean you have to manage the money yourself.

Fees are calculated based on the assessed needs of an individual. Each fee will include a staffing element, based on the hours of support assessed and required.  In some instances the staff support may be shared with other individuals, and in this situation the individual would only pay for the share of staff time.

Who to contact

01752 330495

Where to go


Other Details

Additional Notes

Total beds / rooms in this care home: 10


Referral Details

Ridgecott may be suitable for those who meet the following admissions criteria:

  • Individuals with autism
  • Individuals with a learning disability
  • Individuals that require positive behavioural support
  • May also have problems communicating
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