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Decisions about post-16 placements

Decisions About Post-16 Placements Panel

If you have been to a mainstream school or a special school

City College Plymouth and school sixth forms have a wide range of pathways that are open to young people with special educational needs and disabilities.  These settings are also well equipped to meet a broad range of needs.  This means that we expect the vast majority of young people to attend a local mainstream post-16 setting because they can offer lots of support to young people close to their homes. 

If you have an Education, Health and Care Plan you should be asked at your Year 9 Annual Review what you are considering for Post 16 education, when you are co-producing preparing for adulthood outcomes.  The local authority would expect the Post 16 setting you are considering to be invited to your Year 10 Annual Review and contribute to your Year 11 Annual Review.  If you are considering a setting that is not a local mainstream college, for example, a special school sixth form, or independent specialist college, this provides them with the opportunity to get to know you and consider how they will be able to support you in your preparation for adulthood aspirations.

At your Year 11 Annual Review, you will be asked to complete a consent form to confirm which placement you are considering for your Post 16 education.

Requests for post-16 settings that are not mainstream, for example. those other than City College Plymouth, Cornwall College or mainstream school sixth form, are made to the local authority through your annual review paperwork to a panel.  Information from the intended provider and yourself is presented along with your Annual Review paperwork so that the local authority can make a decision if your request is:

  • suitable for you
  • that your attendance does not mean it would be difficult for others to learn
  • good use of public money

If you feel that you would benefit from independent support and advice for post-16 choices, please contact Plymouth Information, Advice and Support for SEND.

Significance of Post-16 further education

As a young adult with SEN, you have the opportunity to continue your education, enhance your employability, and prepare for adult life by pursuing post-16 further education.

Through FE, you can gain further academic qualifications, develop new skills, expand your knowledge in your chosen fields, acquire vocational skills and gain work experience, foster independence, self-confidence, and social skills, and transition from the familiar school environment to the demands of adult life.

Key factors to consider

Making a decision about post-16 further education placements involves considering a range of factors, including:

Individual needs and preferences

  • Learning style and preferences
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Aspiration and goals
  • Specific needs and support requirements

Learning environment and support services

  • Type of program and learning environment
  • Accessibility and accommodations
  • Availability of specialized support services
  • Reputation and track record of supporting students with special needs

Location and transportation

  • Distance from home and support network
  • Transportation options and accessibility
  • Availability of residential accommodation if needed

Cost and financial considerations

  • Tuition fees and additional expenses
  • Funding options and bursaries available

Supported internships

Supported internships are for young people between the ages of 16-25 who have an education health and care plan. In most cases, the internship will last for a year and includes an unpaid work placement of at least 6 months. This can be with one or more employers. Find out more about internships.



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