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Difficulties using the internet

Our Local Offer is published on the internet because the information that families and young people require is substantial and ever-changing.  This means that a printed version would be out of date very quickly. 

Information made available digitally can be offered in different formats for those that find visual information more helpful. Some sections have videos which explain more about what a service does or how a process works. We aim to add these where we can.  

Furthermore, providing information digitally means services such as health and care are able to keep updating information on the local offer website in a way that would not be possible if it was printed in a guide or booklet.  

Professionals working with families and young people have been given training on how to find information on Plymouth's Local Offer website. This means that many professionals will be using the site to give you information and may be able to help you find the information you need. 

We are getting very positive feedback from services and professionals that this is working. They are saying the website is allowing them to find and share information with families and young people quickly. 

We do understand that not everybody finds getting information from a website easy.

We try to help people overcome difficulties using the internet by providing the following options. 

What if I don't use the internet?

We understand that some people who need this information may not be able to access it by using the internet for a variety of reasons. 

Professionals in education, health and social care services and many third sector, community or charity organisations will be receiving training on how to use the website to help people understand how their services work in the coming months.  This means that they will be able to support individuals directly. 

Many services operate drop-in sessions where it is possible to speak with professionals from a service about your situation directly.  

We regularly send information to schools and health settings to display and pass onto parents/carers and young people.  

Ask professional working with you, your family or child or young person to help you find or print information for you.   

You are also able to email and request support at any time. 

Can I contact Plymouth's Local Offer in writing? 

Yes. The address is

The Local Offer Coordinator
Plymouth City Council
71 New George Street

Where can I access free public computers? 

You can find information and a list of venues and locations where you can get free access to the internet and computers on the Plymouth City Councils website.

Where can I get Local Offer information printed out? 

  • The public computers in Plymouth City Council libraries
  • Your child or young person's school  

Please be aware that there may be a charge. 

Who can help me?

Plymouth Information Advice and Support for SEND (PIAS) is an arm's length service of the Local Authority which provides information advice and support for Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.  PIAS will be able to assist you in accessing the local offer. Call 01752 258922.

Professionals who are working with you or your child or young person including:  

  • School staff
  • Family Liaison/Family Support workers e.g. at specialist schools or Children's Centres
  • Keyworkers
  • Social workers
  • Plan coordinators
  • Health care professionals
  • Other parents/carers - other people who understand what you are going through are a great source of help and support. 

Is there anyone else who can help me? 

Because of the range of information on the website, we would strongly encourage using the internet wherever possible. 

If you are not confident with technology or do not have a computer but are willing to use it, it is the best way to access the information. 

Once you contact a service listed on the Local Offer it is highly likely that a member of staff will contact you to discuss your situation and your child's needs but do let them know that you are not able to use the internet so that they are aware that digital information would be an unhelpful way for them to provide you with information you want.   


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This page was last updated on 05 December 2019

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