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Education, training and employment

If you are aged 16-25 and have a special educational need or disability, there are lots of options open to you.

What happens after year 11?

City College Plymouth and school sixth forms have a wide range of pathways that are open to young people with special educational needs and disabilities. These settings are also well equipped to meet a broad range of needs.  This means that we expect the vast majority of young people to attend a local mainstream post-16 setting because they can offer lots of support to young people close to their homes.

When should I start planning and who will help me?

Detailed advice and guidance about pathway planning through school transitions from Year 8 can be found in the Transition Pathway Planning guide.

All schools, both mainstream and special, have Careers Leaders. This role involves leading the team, planning and managing careers provision and working with local employers, providers, and education establishments so that young people are able to prepare for their pathway into employment.

What support is available for young people with complex needs?

If you have an education, health and care plan or if you were at SEN Support during your time at school or college, help and advice are available to you for decisions about education and training pathways from CSW Group.

View the CSW Group website

If you feel that you would benefit from further independent support and advice about a range of issues, please contact Plymouth Information, Advice and Support for SEND..

I want to go to university, what help and support is available? 

The transition from sixth form or college to University can be both an exciting and daunting time. 

What opportunities are available to support me entering employment? 

In Plymouth, there is a range of opportunities for young people to be helped into employment. These include supported internships, Project Search and Access to Work.  

There are also short courses that will help you to improve your skills and confidence, for example, The Princes' Trust

Decision making

City College Plymouth and school sixth forms have a wide range of pathways that are open to young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

What other information is available about employment, education and training?

Many local and national organisations provide information to young people and families about the guides

What support is available to me?

There are a number of programmes of support available to young people to either help them into work or provide support when someone is in work. 


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