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Education, Health and Care Plan frequently asked questions

What exactly is an EHCP?

An EHCP is a legal document describing a child's special educational, health, and social care needs and the provision required to meet those needs. It is drawn up by Plymouth City Council after a formal assessment.

How will I know if my child needs an EHCP?

If your child is not making adequate progress with the standard support provided by the school, an EHCP may be required. The school can request an assessment or you can directly ask Plymouth City Council for an assessment.

What happens during the EHCP assessment process?

The assessment involves paperwork, meetings with specialists, and appointing an assessment coordinator. It considers your child's needs across education, health and care. Recommendations are made on what support is required via an EHCP.

How detailed should the support outlined in an EHCP be?

The EHCP must specify clear tailored support like staffing requirements, therapies, facilities adaptation, aids and assistance needed to meet agreed outcomes. Vague statements are not sufficient.

How often are EHCPs reviewed?

EHCPs are legally required to be reviewed annually. This meeting will discuss your child's progress and any changes needed to the EHCP like increased support or placement change.

Can an EHCP be amended outside the annual review?

Yes, if your child's needs significantly change, you can request an early review and submit proposed EHCP amendments to the local authority for consideration.

Where can I find an EHCP sample template to understand the format?

You can request a blank EHCP template from Plymouth City Council SEND Team. You can also find examples online at sources like the National Deaf Children's Society website.



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