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Getting ready for school

The Plymouth Information Advice and Support for SEND parenting team are running a new Ready for School programme in conjunction with many primary schools across Plymouth called SPOKES (Supporting Parents on Kids Education in Schools).

The overall aim of the SPOKES Ready for School Programme is to give the parent the skills to make their child ready for school. 

By the end of this programme, parents will be able to support their child to: 

  • Communicate effectively
  • Be able to listen attentively and use language constructively
  • Make reading and writing fun
  • Support a positive environment for school readiness at home
  • Support their child's reading through the use of Pause, Prompt and Praise
  • Regulate their emotions and behaviours effectively 

There will be FREE books and other goodies, such as magnetic letters and puppet packs to use with children. 

In addition to being fun, the free SPOKES programme has been shown to help children to make above expected progress including Key Stage 1 literacy scores for all children (5-7 months for boys, 3-4 months for all children). 

If you are a parent and think your child would benefit from this programme and would like to find out more, please contact Jo Best, SPOKES Coordinator. Phone 01752 258933 or email 

If your school wishes to be part of this exciting and effective literacy initiative, please contact Jo Best on the above number to find out more.

Apply for a school place

If you want to apply for a school place at a nursery school, you must apply to the nursery school direct. 

If you live in Plymouth, you can apply online for a primary or infant reception/foundation school place for your child. Once you've created an account through the Citizen Portal, you can apply for up to three schools (your first, second and third preference). 

If you want to apply for a school place at a school sixth form (years 12 or 13), you must apply to the school direct.

Don't forget to

  • Check to see if the school has an open day which you can attend.
  • Ask the headteacher for advice and information on the school or book an appointment to visit the school.
  • Visit the school's website, most will have a prospectus which gives more information about the school.

Can I educate my child at home? 

Yes, in some circumstances, you can educate your child at home.

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