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ParentShield is a great child-safe and parent friendly mobile network. Only children or people needing special facilities are allowed to use it.

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Address:Pioneer House
Stenson Road
DE73 7HL
Telephone number: 0330 122 1180
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Child-Safe Mobile Network Features

ParentShield is the only mobile network that is perfect for children. Because it is designed for children from the ground up and has many features that can't be found on any other network. Unlike parental control software that controls a phone, you control the network to make sure those using the phone are safe.

This means that ParentShield will protect any phone user, regardless of the phone's make or model, and completely removes any possibility that the user may be able to change any settings.

With ParentShield, a child can have exactly the phone that they want or need and don't have the aggravation of embarrassing or restrictive parental controls. No child wants a "Child's Phone"! If the phone is unlocked for all networks, it will work perfectly. There are no apps to install on the child's phone (or for them to uninstall!).

It also means you can change security settings and view usage remotely without any need to take the phone off the child at any point. Confiscating or taking a phone away for inspection is a guaranteed argument in the making. and can be avoided by taking control of the network itself.

Alerts and Monitoring

Every single phone call and SMS message that your child sends and receives is matched against your chosen block and allow lists.

You can add a number to your blocklist with a single click.

Words used in any SMS message, inbound or outbound, are scanned against your personal Word Alert list. Should any of the words used be potentially concerning, an SMS is sent immediately to your mobile phone, alerting you to log into your portal and check out the conversation.

If your child turns their phone off or the battery dies, set an alert for you and the child as soon as the phone reconnects to a network.

Placed on any unlocked mobile phone, the ParentShield SIM finds the network with the strongest signal to connect to. This means that, even if you live in a remote area, ParentShield gives you the best possible chance of being in touch with your valuable user.

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