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Register your child as disabled

Register Your Child As Disabled Panel

We want to make sure we know how many disabled children or children with special needs (that greatly affect their everyday life) live in the city. This is something all councils have to do and it helps us improve our services now and in the future. By being on the register we can keep you informed of what services are available and how you can get involved if you want to.

Registering a child as disabled is voluntary and free but it doesn't necessary mean your child will be eligible for support.

How to register

Register your child as disabled

To qualify to register your child must:

  • be under 18 years old
  • live within the Plymouth City Council boundary
  • have a long term and significant disability:
    • physical disability
    • learning disability
    • visual or hearing impairment
    • autism (autism spectrum condition)
    • chronic health condition

All your information is kept confidential and secure. Any reports we produce are used for planning and developing services and will never identify any child or family as only facts and figures are used. We can provide you with a copy of this information if you want.

For more information about registering your child as disabled please email or call 01752 668000.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I register my child as disabled with the council?

Registering ensures your child's needs are known to access appropriate services and support. It helps plan suitable provisions across health, education, respite care, activities and benefits entitlements.

Who is eligible to register in Plymouth?

To register in Plymouth, your child must have a diagnosed physical or mental impairment lasting over 12 months that affects daily life and requires additional support.

What's the registration process in Plymouth?

Contact Plymouth's 0-25 SEN Team to request a registration form. Provide supporting evidence from medical professionals detailing your child's conditions and functional impacts. The team assesses eligibility and notifies you of the outcome.

Is there an age limit for registering as disabled in Plymouth?

No, registration can be done at any age in Plymouth as long as eligibility criteria are met. However, it's recommended to register early to access support services during crucial development years.

What information do I need to provide when registering my child in Plymouth?

You'll need your child's diagnosis details, clinical letters, relevant medical history, therapy reports and care plan needs. With consent, the 0-25 SEN Team can also request reports directly from professionals involved in your child's care.

How long does registration take in Plymouth?

The process typically takes 6-8 weeks in Plymouth from submitting your form and evidence to receiving registration confirmation.

What happens after my child is registered as disabled in Plymouth?

You will have access to disability teams at Plymouth City Council that can advise on available support like respite entitlement, equipment funding, benefit applications and more based on your child's needs.

Can I appeal if my registration application is rejected in Plymouth?

Yes, Plymouth City Council offers an appeals process if your registration is initially declined. You can provide additional evidence and request a review of the decision.

Does disabled registration need renewal in Plymouth?

No, once registered in Plymouth your child's status is permanent unless their condition improves significantly. Inform the 0-25 Team of any major changes in condition or care needs.

Where can I find help registering my child in Plymouth?

Plymouth's 0-25 SEN Team or Parent Carer Forum can provide guidance on eligibility and how to apply.



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