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Sensory, physical and medical needs organisations, links and resources - Graduated approach to Inclusion - SENCO Guide

SEND Local Offer

This section provides links to websites, documents, reports or books that provide user reviews, research, or guidance on the efficacy of commercial programmes and resourcing.

Sensory needs


Links to useful resources and a document listing teacher-reviewed resources for blind and partially-sighted learners.  

Book Share (Previously Load2Learn)

Accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Useful for a range of needs   


Reviews technology including Apps which may be useful for children and young people with a hearing impairment.  

Plymouth Advisory Teachers: Sensory Support

CALL Scotland

Useful information sheets and webinars on using ICT to overcome barriers to learning. Very useful poster "Supporting Writing Difficulties".

Communication Matters

Aim to increase understanding, awareness and knowledge of needs of children and young people with complex communication needs.


Adapting technology. Resources, information and webinars.

Inclusive Technology

Supplier of hardware equipment and software that helps learners with SEND use a computer, communicate and learn.

Widgit Software

Supporting fair and equal access to information.

Crick Software

Literacy without limits! Clicker is a child-friendly tool that enables learners of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills.

SEN/ICT Directory

Directory of ICT resources.  

Whizz Kids

Provider of mobility equipment, support and life skills for learners with disabilities.


Providing sporting opportunities for children and young people with disabilities.


Providing support and information for children and young people with hemiplegia and their families.


Supporting children and young people with neurological conditions through research, information and direct on-going support.

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Providing support and information to children and young people with muscular dystrophy and their families.


Providing support and information to children and young people with disabilities, and their families.

Changing Faces

Wilson Stuart School

Online 'out-reach' advice and resources for a specialist physical impairment school.


Advice on practical Science and Technology for schools, including health and safety issues.

English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS)

Supporting children and young people with disabilities to be physically active.

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Medical needs

Young Epilepsy

Providing support and information to children and young people with epilepsy and associated conditions.

Epilepsy Action

DfE Publications

Guidance and templates for schools supporting pupils with medical conditions.

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