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Policies and legislation - SENCO Guide

There are a number of key legislative frameworks which govern your work as a SENCO.  As a SENCO, it is vital to have a good knowledge of the key aspects of each.

Related legislation and guidance

Frameworks relating to school inspection

SEN Information Reports

All schools are required to publish a SEN Information Report.  A detailed breakdown that describes the contents of the SEN Information Report can be found in The Code (6.79 - 6.84).  This should be read in conjunction with section 69 of the Children and Families Act.

SEN policy

All schools are required to have a SEN policy.  A key role of the SENCO is overseeing the operation of the policy (6.90).

Please see some documents below that will help you with policy writing, including an example of a SEN policy, written by a local school.

Accessibility planning

All schools are required to publish an 'accessibility plan' detailing how disabled pupils can participate in the school's curriculum.

Please see some documents below that can support you with writing an accessibility plan, including an example written by a local school. 

Equality objectives

All schools are required to publish 'equality objectives' and must comply with the 'public sector equality duty'.



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