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School SEN information reports

School SEN Information Report Panel

All schools must publish a SEN Information Report on their website.

The report should be easy to find, put together in a way that families can understand, and reviewed with families each year.

The purpose of this document is to allow families to understand the ways in which different schools work so that they can make an informed choice about which school their son or daughter should attend.

What a school should include in its SEN Information Report can be found in the following documents:

How do I find a SEN Information Report?

There are two ways of finding a school's SEN Information Report.  One way is to look at a school's website.  The SEN Information Report can often be found in the 'About' or 'Information for Parents' sections under 'SEN' or 'SEND'.

SEN Information Reports can also be found by following the link within the 'Local Offer' Section of the School Directory, which is located on the Plymouth Online Directory.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an SEN information report?

This is a report published by schools outlining their approach, policies and provisions to support children with SEN. It helps families understand the SEN support available.

What type of information is included in the report?

Details on identifying and assessing SEN, consulting with parents, implementing support, training staff, adapting curriculum and environment, equipment provided, expertise of staff, and arrangements for handling complaints.

Where can I find my child's school's SEN information report?

Reports are published on the school's website. If unavailable online, request a copy from your child's teacher or the SENCO. Schools legally must make reports accessible.

How regularly are SEN information reports updated?

Reports should be updated at least once a year to reflect any changes to staff, policies, interventions or facilities. Request to see the latest version.

Can the report help me understand if the school can support my child's needs?

Yes, the report outlines the school's common SEN types, services available on-site, staff expertise, specialist facilities, and how personal budgets are used. This indicates fit.

What if I feel the school report insufficiently covers certain areas?

Raise any gaps, lack of clarity or need for more detail with the SENCO. They legally must involve parents in devising and reviewing the report contents.

Can I request additions if my child's needs are not mentioned in the report?

Yes, you have the right to request additions to the report if you feel key information is missing about your child's needs and provisions that would aid their learning.



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