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What is preparing for adulthood?

This page aims to explain the process that takes place as young people with SEND approaches their 18th birthday and move on to become an adult.

For most young people growing up, and especially those with an Education, Health and Care Plan, growing up and becoming an adult is a time of change and development as they move towards personal independence and set out on their life path.

Young people with SEND can experience difficulties in accessing information about the transition as they make the move into adulthood. They may be receiving services from a number of agencies such as health, social care, voluntary agencies and education services and not know who to discuss their future plans, choices or concerns with.

Throughout the transition process, the young person's strengths likes and dislikes will be taken into consideration for all the planning that takes place from Year 9 onwards.

The process of transition will start while the young person is still in contact with children's services, usually at the age of 15/16 and may, subject to the needs of the young person, continue for a number of years before and after the transfer to adult services. There should be an overall focus on outcomes and activities rather than services.

The ability to continue children's services beyond 18 and to join up various assessments across the Children and Families Act ( 2014) and the Care Act (2014) should mean a more flexible framework where the transition can be a personalised evolution from 14 to 25.

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