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What are the different stages of a relationship?

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Remember, the stages listed below can vary for each individual and may not always follow a linear progression.

Step 1


In this stage, you might become aware of the other person's presence and might exchange greetings and basic information.

Step 2


In this stage, you might start to develop a sense of comfort and mutual understanding and discover common hobbies or activities.

Step 3


In this stage, you might start to get to know each other and delve deeper into personal histories, values, beliefs, and compatibility.

Step 4


In this stage, you might start to explore romantic feelings and intentions by spending more intentional and focused time together.

Step 5


In this stage, you might agree to be exclusive and committed to each other.

Step 6

Long-Term Partnership

In this stage, you might discuss long-term plans and goals and start to share responsibilities and decisions.

Step 7


In this stage, you might make a formal commitment to marriage (or similar) and discuss wedding plans and your life together.

Step 8


In this stage, you might become official spouses through a legal ceremony (or similar) and begin navigating life's challenges and joys as a married couple.

Step 9


In this stage, you might decide to have children, navigate the joys of parenthood, and adjust to the changes and challenges of family life.

Step 10

Mature companionship

In this stage, you might grow old together, continuously evolve and adapt to each other, and reflect on shared experiences and a life well-lived.

Sometimes, things don't always go to plan

Sometimes things don't always work out and you no longer want to spend your life with the person you thought was your perfect soulmate.

When this happens, the following 11 stages might apply.

Step 1


In this stage, you might acknowledge that there are significant problems or issues in the relationship and might notice a decline in emotional intimacy and connection.

Step 2

Communication breakdown

In this stage, you might struggle to communicate openly and honestly about emotions and avoid discussions about the state of the relationship.

Step 3

Emotional distance

In this stage, you might feel emotionally distant and disconnected and experience a decline in displays of affection and intimacy.

Step 4


In this stage, you might take time to consider the overall health and happiness of the relationship by reflecting on personal needs, goals, and happiness.

Step 5

Making decisions

In this stage, you might consider the possibility of ending the relationship and evaluate whether the relationship aligns with your long-term goals.

Step 6

Communication of intent

In this stage, you might communicate your feelings of unhappiness and discontent and initiate discussions about the possibility of separating.

Step 7

Seeking support

In this stage, you might seek professional guidance to navigate personal emotions and explore options for couples counselling to address issues together.

Step 8

Preparation for separation

In this stage, you might plan for the practical aspects of separation and mentally prepare for the emotional challenges of separation.

Step 9


In this stage, you might begin living in separate spaces or move out and address legal aspects such as divorce proceedings.

Step 10

Adjustment and healing

In this stage, you might focus on personal growth and healing, adjust to life post-separation and establish new routines.

Step 11

Moving forward

In this stage, you might create a new life independently and be open to the possibility of new relationships.



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