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  • Boringdon Primary School

    Boringdon Primary School

    Service logo

    We provide the children with a broad range of opportunities and experiences within a safe, stimulating and friendly learning environment.

    • Address:Boringdon Primary School
      Courtland Crescent
      PL7 4HJ
    • Contact number:01752 330424
  • Chaddlewood Pre School and Woodies Out Of School Club

    Chaddlewood Pre School and Woodies Out Of School Club

    Service logo

    Chaddlewood Pre-School and Woodies Out of School Club are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment where children can grow and develop in ways which meet their personal and individual needs and desires.

    • Address:Chaddlewood Pre School
      PL7 2EU
    • Contact number:01752 231325 or 01752 345838
  • Chaddlewood Primary School

    Chaddlewood Primary School

    Service logo

    We believe that Chaddlewood is and will continue to be a special place to learn and work. We are a happy, friendly and welcoming community.

    • Address:Chaddlewood Primary School
      PL7 2EU
    • Contact number:01752 337450
  • Focus/DCET Training

    Focus/DCET Training

    Service logo

    Focus Training operates throughout Devon and Cornwall delivering quality training to anyone who wishes to improve their skills, qualifications and future career prospects.

    • Address:Suite B Valley House
      Valley Rd
      Pl7 1RF
    • Contact number:01752 348980
  • Glen Park Primary School

    Glen Park Primary School

    Service logo

    At Glen Park Primary School, we believe strongly that the education of your child has to be a partnership between home and school where there is an established bond of trust and support. This is something that we work hard to achieve and the headteacher's door is always open to parents, staff, prospective parents and of course our children.

    • Address:Glen Park Primary School
      Glen Road
      PL7 2DE
    • Contact number:01752 339073
  • Hele's School

    Hele's School

    Service logo

    We are a school with a tradition of academic excellence, high aspirations and a big heart. A school that students and staff are proud to attend.

    • Address:Heles School
      Seymour Road
      PL7 4LT
    • Contact number:01752 337193
  • Little Buddies Pre-School and Big Buddies Holiday, Breakfast and After School Club

    Little Buddies Pre-School and Big Buddies Holiday, Breakfast and After School Club

    Service logo

    Buddies Childcare CiC is a private Community Interest Company that provides parents of pupils at Glen Park Primary and the wider community with high quality, affordable out of school hours childcare provision.

    • Address:Glen Park Primary School
      Glen Road
      PL7 2DE
    • Contact number:01752 336556
  • Little Nippers Childcare

    Little Nippers Childcare

    Service logo

    Little Nippers Childcare is an independent nursery open 51 weeks a year, Monday to Friday, from 8am until 6pm.

    • Address:Mudge Way
      PL7 2AQ
    • Contact number:01752 348088
  • Longcause Community Special School

    Longcause Community Special School

    Service logo

    Longcause Community Special School is for children aged 4-16. The school is Autism friendly,where pupils support one another and staff and families work closely together for the best outcomes for their children.

    • Address:Longcause Community Special School
      PL7 1JB
    • Contact number:01752 336881
  • Old Priory Junior Academy

    Old Priory Junior Academy

    Service logo

    Old Priory Junior Academy is set in the outskirts of Plymouth in the heart of Plympton, very close to the Ridgeway Shopping Centre.

    • Address:Old Priory Junior School
      PL7 1QN
    • Contact number:01752 338199
  • Plum Tree Children's Centre

    Plum Tree Children's Centre

    Service logo

    Plum Tree Children's Centre is here to provide activities, services and information for local children aged 5 and under, and their families.

    • Address:Rees Youth & Community Centre
      Mudge Way
      PL7 2PS
    • Contact number:01752 340550
  • Plympton - Jack & Jill's Childcare

    Plympton - Jack & Jill's Childcare

    Service logo

    Jack & Jill's Plympton is open 50 weeks a year. The setting runs a before and after school provision and collects from one local school only. The setting runs holiday provision outside of term time.

    • Address:Hillcrest Close
      PL7 2ET
    • Contact number:01752 337817
  • Plympton Academy

    Plympton Academy

    Service logo

    Plympton Academy an exciting place to learn and to work. We have the highest expectations of our students. We expect them to be outstanding, resilient learners and we expect them to behave well in all aspects of school life.

    • Address:Plympton Academy
      Moorland Road
      PL7 2RS
    • Contact number:01752 338373
  • Plympton St Mary Church of England VA Infant School

    Plympton St Mary Church of England VA Infant School

    Service logo

    Our mission is to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

    • Address:Plympton St Marys Church Of England Infant School
      Market Road
      PL7 1QW
    • Contact number:01752 337912
  • Plympton St Maurice Primary School

    Plympton St Maurice Primary School

    Service logo

    Plympton St Maurice Primary School is a small friendly school catering for 4 - 11 year olds. We also have excellent baby care, childcare and pre- school facilities on the school site.

    • Address:Plympton St Maurice Primary School
      Longbrook Street
      PL7 1UB
    • Contact number:01752 337427
  • Ridgeway Methodist Children's Care Centre

    Ridgeway Methodist Children's Care Centre

    Service logo

    We are a friendly organisation dedicated to giving children the best start in life. We cater for children from age 2 years to 5.

    • Address:Mudge Way
      PL7 2PS
    • Contact number:01752 331186
  • Skills Group

    Skills Group

    Service logo

    Skills Group specialises in training and delivers apprenticeships and upskilling programmes across the South West. We partner with top local employers to kick-start careers and ensure business success.

    • Address:Langage Business Park
      Western Wood Way
      Pl7 5BG
    • Contact number:01752 332 442
  • Woodford Community Pre-School

    Woodford Community Pre-School

    Service logo

    Woodford Community Pre-School provides the development and education of children under statutory school age by offering a safe, friendly and stimulating environment which is sensitive to the needs of all children.

    • Address:Methodist Church
      Greenway Avenue
      PL7 4RR
    • Contact number:01752 337335
  • Woodford Primary School

    Woodford Primary School

    Service logo

    Woodford is a popular primary school for children 4 - 11 years and we currently have 452 children on the roll in 16 classes.

    • Address:Woodford Primary School
      Litchaton Way
      PL7 4RR
    • Contact number:01752 336228
  • Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

    Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

    Service logo

    Yealmpstone Farm is a thriving, aspirant community which embraces individuality and empowers young people to believe they can achieve their dreams. Our school values diversity and challenges everyone to be the best they can be. We are constantly striving to improve teaching and learning and our staff have very high ambitions for all.

    • Address:Yealmpstone Farm Primary School
      Meadowfield Place
      PL7 1XQ
    • Contact number:01752 343411

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