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  • ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust

    ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust

    Service logo

    We provide full time education and support for up to 300 pupils aged 4-19 who are no longer engaged in mainstream education. Referrals can only be made by either the local authority or a school, for pupils who are either awaiting a specialist placement, in need of additional provision, or have been excluded from school.

    • Address:Martins Gate
      PL4 0AT
    • Contact number:01752 396 100
  • Audiology Services - Derriford Hospital

    Audiology Services - Derriford Hospital

    Service logo

    Audiology is the science of hearing and vestibular (balance) function. The audiology service sees patients of all ages who have hearing and balance disorders.

    • Address:Derriford Hospital
      Derriford Road
      PL6 8DH
    • Contact number:01752 431253 / 01752 431254
  • Austin Farm Academy

    Austin Farm Academy

    Service logo

    Austin Farm Academy is proud to be part of the Eggbuckland Community College Academy Trust. Our mission is to be a 'Learning, Caring, Achieving Community'

    • Address:Austin Farm Community Primary School
      Delamere Road
      PL6 5XQ
    • Contact number:01752 705367
  • Disability Football Plymouth Argyle

    Disability Football Plymouth Argyle

    Service logo

    As part of the Every Player Counts programme funded by Wembley National Stadium Trust, we provide courses and programmes for a wide range of disabilities. Through the project, we aim to improve accessibility, barriers to participation and provide fun, progressive and some competitive programmes for people with disabilities.

    • Address:Home Park Football Ground
      Outland Road
      PL2 3DQ
    • Contact number:01752 562561
  • Eggbuckland Community College

    Eggbuckland Community College

    Service logo

    Eggbuckland Community College is a happy, supportive, exciting and inspirational place to be a student. 'Learning Caring Achieving' is very much at the heart of our ethos; we want our students to really enjoy their time with us, make the most of the wealth of opportunities available to them, and achieve to the very best of their ability.

    • Address:Eggbuckland Community College
      Westcott Close
      PL6 5YB
    • Contact number:01752 779061
  • Goosewell Academy

    Goosewell Academy

    Service logo

    At Goosewell everyone is welcomed. We are proud of our friendly, caring school where we respect and value each other.

    • Address:Goosewell Primary School
      Furzehatt Villas
      PL9 9HD
    • Contact number:01752 482960
  • Horizons Children's Sailing Charity

    Horizons Children's Sailing Charity

    Service logo

    Horizons is a registered children's sailing charity based in Plymouth. Our aim is to help disadvantaged and disabled children from the inner city communities. We provide learning and educational opportunities that increase self-confidence and improve social and practical skills, through water-based activities that would normally be beyond the means of these children.

    • Address:5 Richmond Walk
      PL1 4LL
    • Contact number:01752 605800
  • Lipson Co-operative Academy

    Lipson Co-operative Academy

    Service logo

    Lipson is a co-operative school where learners, teachers and parents believe in a value driven education. Our teachers and students are innovative and confident, caring, socially responsible, happy and successful.

    • Address:Lipson Community College
      Bernice Terrace
      PL4 7PG
    • Contact number:01752 671318
  • Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery School

    Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery School

    Service logo

    Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery provides inclusive Nursery and Primary School education, working with our pupils to educate and inspire them for their future lives.

    • Address:Mayflower Community School
      41 Ham Drive
      PL2 2NJ
    • Contact number:01752 365730
  • Millbay Academy

    Millbay Academy

    Service logo

    Welcome to Millbay Academy, an all-through school in Plymouth's Coastal Quarter. This is a place where everyone is important and where every moment counts.

    • Address:22 Millbay Road
      PL1 3EG
    • Contact number:01752 221927
  • Mount Tamar School

    Mount Tamar School

    Service logo

    Mount Tamar School is a specialist residential school for young people aged 5 to 16 who have behaviour, emotional and social difficulties. We also have students with complex learning difficulties and autism.

    • Address:Mount Tamar School
      Row Lane
      PL5 2EF
    • Contact number:01752 365128
  • Notre Dame Plymouth

    Notre Dame Plymouth

    Service logo

    Notre Dame is a comprehensive faith school for girls and welcomes all those who want to learn in a supportive, caring and aspirational environment.

    • Address:Notre Dame Roman Catholic School
      Notre Dame Close
      PL6 5HN
    • Contact number:01752 775101
  • Plymouth Early Years Inclusion Service

    Plymouth Early Years Inclusion Service

    Service logo

    The Early Year Inclusion Service supports pre-school children with additional needs and disabilities. The service includes several teams; these teams can provide support through home visits, nursery visits or by attending meetings with parents and professionals.

    • Address:Windsor House
      Tavistock Road
      PL6 5UF
    • Contact number:01752 668000
  • Plymouth Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund

    Plymouth Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund

    Service logo

    The aim of the Plymouth Early Years Inclusion Fund is to ensure children receive timely, planned and monitored early interventions to ensure they remain included in their setting and are provided with additional opportunities to access and experience the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

    • Address:Windsor House
      Tavistock Road
      PL6 5UF
    • Contact number:01752 668000
  • Plymouth Sports Academy - Support System

    Plymouth Sports Academy - Support System

    Service logo

    We provide young people and families the opportunity to get involved with sport and fitness activities.

    • Contact number:07807 274 617
  • Plympton Academy

    Plympton Academy

    Service logo

    Plympton Academy an exciting place to learn and to work. We have the highest expectations of our students. We expect them to be outstanding, resilient learners and we expect them to behave well in all aspects of school life.

    • Address:Plympton Academy
      Moorland Road
      PL7 2RS
    • Contact number:01752 338373
  • Plymstock School

    Plymstock School

    Service logo

    Plymstock School is a unique community that believes in and actively promotes the traditional values of courtesy, respect and compassion.

    • Address:Plymstock School
      29 Church Road
      PL9 9AZ
    • Contact number:01752 402679
  • Quay Partnership Plymouth

    Quay Partnership Plymouth

    Service logo

    The Quay Partnership, Plymouth is a collaboration between five Plymouth Special Schools covering all Key Stages and all aspects of SEND.

    • Contact number:01752 365128
  • St Boniface's Catholic College

    St Boniface's Catholic College

    Service logo

    We are committed to striving for excellence in all its members through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum involving spiritual, moral, cultural, academic, social and physical education, delivered to the whole young person. All teaching and learning is done within the context of the teaching of the Catholic faith.

    • Address:St Boniface Catholic College
      21 Boniface Lane
      PL5 3AG
    • Contact number:01752 779051
  • St Edward's Church of England Primary School

    St Edward's Church of England Primary School

    Service logo

    At St. Edward's we strive to develop confident, resilient, positive, reflective children who love to learn, enjoy coming to school, and through the planned rich variety of experiences develop the necessary skills for lifelong learning.

    • Address:St Edwards Church Of England Primary School
      Fort Austin Avenue
      PL6 5ST
    • Contact number:01752 705130

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