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  • AutonoMe


    Service logo

    We are a support provider using our technology platform AutonoMe to deliver independent living skills to people with learning disabilities. We work with Local Authorities to help cost efficiently further the independence of their learning disability population. Our software enables service users to scan any item around their home with a smart device and it plays a 'how to' video for example; scanning the kettle with an iPad and it plays 'how to make a cup of coffee' video. We achieve this by combining the power of 'how to' videos, mobile technology, QR Codes and our bespoke data analytics system to improve independence and reduce the need for paid care.

    • Address:35 Pastures Avenue
      St Georges
      BS22 7SB
    • Contact number:0117 205 0654
  • Community Learning Disabilities - Livewell Southwest

    Community Learning Disabilities - Livewell Southwest

    Service logo

    Livewell Southwest provides a specialist community learning disability service for adults with learning disabilities who live in Plymouth.

    • Address:Mount Gould Hospital
      Mount Gould Road
      PL4 7QD
    • Contact number:01752 434033
  • Community Mental Health - Livewell Southwest

    Community Mental Health - Livewell Southwest

    Service logo

    If you are experiencing a mental health condition that requires specialist support and care, a GP may refer you to a community mental health team.

    • Address:Mount Gould Local Care Centre
      200 Mount Gould Road
      PL4 7PY
    • Contact number:01752 268011
  • Face 2 Face Befriending Service

    Face 2 Face Befriending Service

    Service logo

    All parents discovering their children has a special need or disability should have access to emotional support. Face 2 Face is a service for, and delivered by, parents of children with a special need or disability.

    • Address:The Virginia House Centre
      Palace Street
      PL1 2AY
    • Contact number:01752 204369
  • Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre

    Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre

    Service logo

    The Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre is open all year round and we welcome families, friends, individuals, businesses and schools to participate in our water and land-based activities.

    • Address:The Mountbatten Sailing & Watersports Centre
      70 Lawrence Road
      PL9 9SJ
    • Contact number:01752 404567
  • Plymouth Autism Spectrum Service (P.A.S.S)

    Plymouth Autism Spectrum Service (P.A.S.S)

    Service logo

    The Plymouth Autism Spectrum Service (P.A.S.S.) has been developed to provide a dedicated and specialist service for adults with autism, their families, health and social care services and to collaborate with community organisations within Plymouth.

    • Address:Westbourne Unit
      Scott Business Park
      Beacon Park Road
      PL2 2PQ
    • Contact number:01752 434033
  • Plymouth Highbury Trust

    Plymouth Highbury Trust

    Service logo

    Plymouth Highbury Trust was formed in 1956 under the name of Plymouth Mencap Society and was then affiliated to National Mencap. The thirty founding members were parents of children with a learning disability.

    • Address:207 Outland Road
      PL2 3PF
    • Contact number:01752 773333
  • Plymouth Options (IAPT) - Livewell Southwest

    Plymouth Options (IAPT) - Livewell Southwest

    Service logo

    Plymouth Options (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) will support you to manage depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, phobias and life pressures. (For people aged 16 and over).

    • Address:73 Exeter Street
      PL4 0AH
    • Contact number:01752 435419

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