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  • ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust

    ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust

    Service logo

    We provide full time education and support for up to 300 pupils aged 4-19 who are no longer engaged in mainstream education. Referrals can only be made by either the local authority or a school, for pupils who are either awaiting a specialist placement, in need of additional provision, or have been excluded from school.

    • Address:Martins Gate
      PL4 0AT
    • Contact number:01752 396 100
  • Austin Farm Academy

    Austin Farm Academy

    Service logo

    Austin Farm Academy is proud to be part of the Eggbuckland Community College Academy Trust. Our mission is to be a 'Learning, Caring, Achieving Community'

    • Address:Austin Farm Community Primary School
      Delamere Road
      PL6 5XQ
    • Contact number:01752 705367
  • Beechwood Primary Academy

    Beechwood Primary Academy

    Service logo

    Here at Beechwood, we believe in developing a child intellectually, creatively, emotionally, physically, spiritually culturally and morally.

    • Address:Beechwood Primary School
      31 Rockfield Avenue
      PL6 6DX
    • Contact number:01752 706360 or 01752 704004
  • Boringdon Primary School

    Boringdon Primary School

    Service logo

    We provide the children with a broad range of opportunities and experiences within a safe, stimulating and friendly learning environment.

    • Address:Boringdon Primary School
      Courtland Crescent
      PL7 4HJ
    • Contact number:01752 330424
  • Chaddlewood Primary School

    Chaddlewood Primary School

    Service logo

    We believe that Chaddlewood is and will continue to be a special place to learn and work. We are a happy, friendly and welcoming community.

    • Address:Chaddlewood Primary School
      PL7 2EU
    • Contact number:01752 337450
  • College Road Primary School

    College Road Primary School

    Service logo

    College Road School is a foundation school and a school which focuses on encouraging positive values to all of our school community.

    • Address:College Road Primary School
      College Road
      PL2 1NS
    • Contact number:01752 567660
  • Compton Church of England School

    Compton Church of England School

    Service logo

    Compton Church of England School is a remarkable school. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible Primary Education for all our children.

    • Address:Compton Church Of England Primary School
      Higher Compton Road
      PL3 5JB
    • Contact number:01752 771539
  • Courtlands School

    Courtlands School

    Service logo

    Courtlands Special School Academy caters for primary aged children who have Moderate Learning Difficulties, Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH), and other complex needs.

    • Address:Courtlands Special School
      Widey Lane
      PL6 5JS
    • Contact number:01752 776848
  • Drake Primary School

    Drake Primary School

    Service logo

    We are a friendly school which aims to develop a strong partnership between the children, parents and staff.

    • Address:Drake Primary School
      1 Johnston Terrace Ope
      PL2 2EN
    • Contact number:01752 567649
  • Dunstone Primary School

    Dunstone Primary School

    Service logo

    In our school, every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.

    • Address:Dunstone Primary School
      Shortwood Crescent
      PL9 8TQ
    • Contact number:01752 401293
  • Eggbuckland Vale Primary School

    Eggbuckland Vale Primary School

    Service logo

    Eggbuckland Vale Primary School has a tradition of combining a friendly and caring approach with high academic standards.

    • Address:Eggbuckland Vale Primary School
      Charfield Drive
      PL6 5PS
    • Contact number:01752 703656
  • Elburton Primary School

    Elburton Primary School

    Service logo

    Elburton is an Academy and has received 2 Outstanding judgements from Ofsted

    • Address:Elburton Primary School
      Haye Road South
      PL9 8HJ
    • Contact number:01752 404489
  • Ernesettle Community School

    Ernesettle Community School

    Service logo

    At Ernesettle Community School, we aim to help our children achieve the highest possible standard and provide a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.

    • Address:Ernesettle Community School
      Biggin Hill
      PL5 2RB
    • Contact number:01752 201177
  • Ford Primary School and Nursery

    Ford Primary School and Nursery

    Service logo

    Ford Primary School believes that every child should be valued for his or her individuality, culture and heritage, and that they are encouraged to achieve their full potential in a stimulating, challenging and caring environment.

    • Address:Ford Primary School
      Cambridge Road
      PL2 1PU
    • Contact number:01752 567661
  • Glen Park Primary School

    Glen Park Primary School

    Service logo

    At Glen Park Primary School, we believe strongly that the education of your child has to be a partnership between home and school where there is an established bond of trust and support. This is something that we work hard to achieve and the headteacher's door is always open to parents, staff, prospective parents and of course our children.

    • Address:Glen Park Primary School
      Glen Road
      PL7 2DE
    • Contact number:01752 339073
  • Goosewell Academy

    Goosewell Academy

    Service logo

    At Goosewell everyone is welcomed. We are proud of our friendly, caring school where we respect and value each other.

    • Address:Goosewell Primary School
      Furzehatt Villas
      PL9 9HD
    • Contact number:01752 482960
  • High Street Primary Academy

    High Street Primary Academy

    Service logo

    High Street Primary School is a popular and successful primary school. We were founded in 1894 and we have a great history.

    • Address:High Street School
      High Street
      PL1 3SJ
    • Contact number:01752 225649
  • High View Primary School

    High View Primary School

    Service logo

    High View is an exciting place to learn and grow, where everyone is valued for who they are.

    • Address:High View Primary School
      2 Torridge Way
      PL3 6JQ
    • Contact number:01752 772984
  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

    Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

    Service logo

    At Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, we believe that the key to success with all learners is quality teaching and the effective inclusion of all pupils in high-quality everyday personalised teaching.

    • Address:Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
      Beaumont Road
      PL4 9BE
    • Contact number:01752 225420
  • Hooe Primary Academy

    Hooe Primary Academy

    Service logo

    Hooe Primary has been educating children on our current school site since 1926. Much has changed in education in that time but the principles that guide our work as a school have remained the same.

    • Address:Hooe Primary School
      Hooe Road
      PL9 9RG
    • Contact number:01752 402042

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