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Safe Places in Plymouth

Safe Places Plymouth Panel

Safe Places is a scheme that helps people with learning disabilities if they feel anxious or they are faced with verbal abuse, bullying, or harassment when out in the community. The scheme provides them with a 'safe place' to go.

Window stickers show where the Safe Places are. These can be seen in places such as shop, leisure centres, libraries and so on.

Where you see this logo this means it is a safe place to ask for help.

Safe Place locations in Plymouth

To view the safe locations in Plymouth, please use the Safe Place website.

For more information about the Safe Places scheme please email

I need help cards

If a person with an 'I need help' card needs help in Plymouth they can show this card to a member of staff in a Safe Place. Someone will then call their designated person or the Police, depending on what the circumstances may be.

Venues involved in the scheme are easily identifiable by the yellow logo displayed in their front window.

Going to a Safe Place can be used in any situation where a person with a learning disability is feeling vulnerable.

Safe Places Window Sticker



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