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Parks in Plymouth

We look after and develop 950 hectares of open green spaces within the city, working to provide a better cleaner, safer, greener environment and quality of life for the residents of Plymouth. This equates to roughly 1170 football pitches of green space. 

Some of our parks have been awarded the Green Flag Award.

The Green Flag Award is the national standard of excellence for parks and green spaces. The scheme recognises and rewards the best green spaces in the country. To meet the Green Flag Award standard, green spaces need to be healthy welcoming places that are safe and secure, clean and well-maintained and sustainable. The management of the green space must involve the community, pay attention to conservation and heritage and include marketing of the site.

Alexandra Park
Astor Park
Beaumont Park
Blockhouse Park
Central Park
Dean Cross Park
Devonport Park
Devil's Point Park
Downfield open space
Efford Valley
Freedom Fields Park
Harewood Park
Hartley Park
Plymouth Hoe
Kit Hill Park
Linear Park
Moorview Park
Mount Gould Park
Mount Wise Park
Mutley Park
Newnham Meadows Park
Patna Park
Peacock Meadow Park
Plympton Pathfields
Radford Park
St Levan Park
Thorn Park
Tothill Park
Trefusis Park
Victoria Park
West Hoe Park


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