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Cumberland Centre Specialist Wellbeing Hub

The Cumberland Centre Specialist Wellbeing Hub benefits from a wide range of services already on offer at the Cumberland Centre, including minor injury services, community therapy services and sexual health.

Contacts details

Address:Cumberland Centre
Damerel Close
Telephone number: 01752 434400
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Services available at the Cumberland Centre Specialist Wellbeing Hub 

As well as the standard wellbeing hub offer which includes

  • linking people into voluntary and community sector activity to improve your wellbeing
  • befriending services
  • time bank volunteering opportunities
  • signposting to other local services

the Cumberland Centre Specialist Wellbeing Hub can offer

  • specialist mental health support
  • help with managing long term conditions
  • support for carers.

How to make a referral

Pop in and speak to any member of the team.

Alternatively, complete our simple referral form and we'll get in touch. Once we know what help, information and advice you need we will connect you with the right people that can support you. 

Make a referral and request support

We're here to help you.

What are Wellbeing Hubs?

Plymouth's Wellbeing Hubs have four main aims

  • To improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for local people
  • To reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing
  • To improve people's experience of care 
  • To improve the sustainability of the health and wellbeing system

What Are Wellbeing Hubs On The POD 600

We also work in partnership with a range of organisations in the city who can provide additional health and wellbeing support

The generic offer of every hub includes health advocacy, debt advice, mental health support, opportunities to volunteer, employment advice, signposting of local and citywide providers of health services. 

The hubs are a key part of the city's One System, One Aim vision which looks to transform care by taking a different approach.

  • From patients to people - the hubs will be designed to engage with people recognising they have strengths and assets and with support can achieve outcomes without being viewed as patients who need things doing to them
  • From care settings to places and communities - the hubs will be a place and community-based offer and will help to develop communities that care
  • From what's the matter with you to what matters to you - the plan is to focus on the assets of individuals and build on that to achieve the things they want to achieve
  • From illness management to wellness support - the focus is on prevention and wellbeing

Part of Plymouth Wellbeing Hub Network


Based: Plymouth

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 9pm

  • Everyone, regardless of age

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